What A Good Flyer Must NOT Have ?

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Flyers and brochures hold a great amount of credit when it comes to cheap and best promotional techniques. The market in Singapore today is flooded with companies that offer flyer printing and flyer distribution services. As any other market, the forces of demand and supply prevail in the printing industry of Singapore as well. Hence, many firms have emerged, which are dealing with flyer distribution in Singapore and helping other firms to achieve a higher number of customers through these promotions.

Since flyer printing and flyer distribution has gained a lot of importance, it should be carried in such a way that it serves the purpose of the customer and attracts even more customers for the printing company. The quality should never be compromised, and every effort should be made to widen the network of flyer distribution in Singapore.

However, to do a successful printing job, one must print and distribute flyers in the best possible way. Remember, merely excellent printing or only good distribution will not be able to conquer the goal. An effective promotional campaign must have a combination of great flyer printing and distribution.

In order to know how a flyer should look like, one needs to know what a good flyer should NOT have. This article will further explain a few crucial mistakes that you must NOT commit while producing an awesome flyer –

1. Eye catching v/s Eye pleasing

Some people confuse the concept of the eye-catching with the eye pleasing. Remember, anything can catch a person’s eye, be it good or bad. However, only good things are eye pleasing. So, do not go crazy about the color and try to keep it simple. It is not about the color, but the text that is written in it.

2. Distribution

As mentioned above, flyer distribution alone cannot serve the purpose, and neither can flyer printing solely. So, a company should always work on both simultaneously. A flyer should look good, and the distribution department should be able to spread it widely.

3. Too much content

Every company that undertakes flyer distribution in Singapore should know that a flyer is a big flop if it has too much text. You must be creative and keep it precise, yet say it all. Nobody has the time to read stories printed on your flyer. This way, even the message of importance does not reach the intended reader.

4. Cheap Quality material

To save them some money, make sure that the printing and flyer distribution company does not find solace in cheaper materials. They completely ruin the look of a flyer, even if everything else is done right. So, do not make use of low quality material. Another big no-no for printing flyers is the use of cheap photocopied flyers. Remember, it might save some cost in the beginning, but it will cost customer loyalty in the long run.

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