Paper Material To Use For Flyer Printing & Flyer Distribution

Flyer Printing, Flyer Distribution

If you are planning for a marketing campaign, below is some point for your flyer printing and flyer distribution. You should note on using profession artist, paper material and size etc.

Engaged a professional designer to do an attractive flyer design is very important for your flyer printing as it need create impact to client during flyer distribution. There are many paper stocks option and size for your selection.

Paper Gram-mage

Papers varying stocks of thickness which is called gram-mage range from the most everyday use – 70 grams’ wood free to 310 grams’ art card.

Explanation paper materials for flyers

Below is an innovative idea of the paper gram-mage which fits your flyer printing best:-

Flyers – Handouts

70 gram flyers are often called handouts or handbills. They’re comparable with copier paper which is very thin. With a thickness of only 0.1mm, this type of flyer material is the lightest and cheapest but it only come in wood-free finish, which is suitable for writing in it as application form. Suitable for most business trade to use and it very popular with property agent and tuition agency in Singapore.

Brochure – Ideal for advertising
The 128-gram brochures, leaflets or flyers are easy and convenient for distribution. They’re very lightweight, but it glossy finishing feel make it very corporate image. Very suitable for business trade in facial, beauty salon or fruit products as the color print out is very vibrant.
Postcard – Promotion

The 260-gram postcard are mainly used in business trade that need to post out to client by using postage. This type of materials is 4x as thick as 70Gsm Wood-Free printing paper and therefore can feel the robust impact. With the 260 grams, you have a choice to add a gloss lamination coating or a high matte lamination coating. It will definitely make your postcard printing design stand out more and gives it an impact look. provide the cheapest flyer printing in Singapore and Reliable Flyer Distributors for the best marketing campaign experience.

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