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Flyers Printing (80gsm Woodfree)

6999 offers professional flyer printing in Singapore for any occasion using only the high quality paper stock that is available in full color. For business owners who want to make an impact to sales, this affordable and good quality printing is a perfect solution for promoting a new product and special offers. Available material used is 70gsm woodfree paper density level.

Brochure Printing (128gsm Gloss)

Printing a brochure provides businesses with the perfect advertising tool for getting your message across to potential customers. It provides your customers with comprehensive information on your company, products, and services. It allows you to tell a story in a fun and interesting way, showcase your most popular products, list the bestselling points, the possibilities are endless when it comes to brochures..

Postcard Printing (260gsm Card)

6999 offers full-color postcard printing services in Singapore for businesses and individuals. Our low cost postcard printing service provides you with everything you need in promoting your business. Whether it’s big or small, postcards are a fun and interesting way to share the latest news, announce upcoming events, and even promote your brand.


High Quality & Fast Turnaround

Our goal is to maintain great reputation that in time, our name will become synonymous to unmatched, excellent quality printing services in all of Singapore. Thus, we take extra mile to provide quality craftsmanship of a commercial printing and fast turnaround time.

Competitive & Transparent Price

Competitive & Transparent Price

6999 customers can expect transparent pricing, which translates to absolutely no hidden charges, no high-pressure additional sales, and long-term contracts unless you ask for it.


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Exceptional Customer Service

6999 is all about providing 100% customer satisfaction. Everyday, we strive to put WOW in our customer relationships as we intend to keep them for life. Aside from providing unmatched, comprehensive printing solutions, we also listen to you. So, let us know your feedback, questions, and suggestions.

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Our Services

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6999, flyer printing, flyer distribution was spun off our parent printing company Print Arena Pte Ltd and has been in the printing industry for over 25 years for flyer printing, flyer distribution.Being the leading and one of the longest standing printing company in Singapore, we have serviced and embraced clients from many different industries and have repeatedly innovated and improved our services in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the new Internet era. Online ordering and next day collection requests from our clients suggest that we have to innovate our workflow, speed, and pricing to be affordable for the retail and corporate markets.At 6999, it is our mission to provide entrepreneurs with affordable, fast turnaround flyers that they need in order for their businesses to grow and prosper. Our economy depends on thriving marketplaces that offer products and services we all depend on. We bring your products and services to those marketplaces to help your business and our economy thrive. And in a thriving economy we all embrace a better quality of life. So if you’re looking for quality flyer printing services Singapore, you’ve come to the right place for flyer printing !

We provides high quality Flyer Printing, brochure with 6999 printing flyers with our professionally service and quality print to start your flyer distribution market campaign. Flyer Printing Singapore, 6999 provide low cost Cheap Printing Services, brochures flyers prints in printing singapore industry.

6999 Flyer Printing Singapore give Cheap Printing Services Flyers In Singapore, Flyer Printing

Our Specialties

Print for SPEED – Cheap Yet Quality Printing Services With Reliable Flyer Distribution

“By the time you're thinking that of it, we tend to deliver it – Print Arena”.

This is what we tend to work on for flyer printing and flyer distribution in Singapore is our thought business, we offer several different services that will interest you. These embrace -

• HDB Door to Door & Unlock letterbox distribution.- we tend to leave your flyers at the mailboxes and doors of your targeted customers and confirm the accessibility of identical.

• Landed Door to Door distribution- to confirm that your aimed customers ar responsive to your business, we tend to facilitate you with landed door to door distribution system that we tend to drop the flyers within their mailboxes placed close to their gate.

• Condo / Offices distribution by using Singapore Post - we tend to build use of the foremost reliable post services, Singapore Post, to confirm the timely delivery of your flyers at the condos/offices.

• Industrial Letterbox distribution- The accessibility of your flyer is ensured 2 folds with our industrial letterbox distribution system.

• Car Drop Distribution - we tend to additionally drop your flyers at the put cars to form positive that even the busiest customers reach you simply.

• Walkway, Street Handouts - Our distribution system is very organised and that we confirm that your written flyers reach the most variety of individuals.

• Creative coming up with and printing- to form your flyers and brochures appealing, our team provides the foremost artistic and informative styles.

With the recent trend in the field of flyer printing and flyer distribution, many firms nowadays are spending a considerable quantity of their financial gain on marketing and promotion, separately. Print Arena offers you the privilege to avail of these services underneath one roof, and at improbably cheap costs. we tend to be a proud house owners of our quality services and our ability to satisfy our customers on all cheap printing services singapore. Flyer Printing, Flyer Distribution, Your best choice for marketing to power up your sales.

We offers Singapore SME corporations with low-cost, Cheap Printing Services to market an organization and to grow a business success with Flyer Printing, Flyer Distribution.

Exactly what's your organization facing? Something that your partners or potential customers initially connect with, like your business web site, Printing Flyers, Sales Brochures, Color leaflets, industrial postcard card, tri-fold brochures, company letterheads, loyalty cards, or name cards will conjure your service face forward.

No matter what quite business you’re in, the terribly initial impression build|you create on a prospective future client or organization partner will make or break the provide.

We are a perfect place to search out low-cost, Cheap Printing Singapore Services for promoting an SME company in SG.

Display Your Best Business Face With low-cost, Cheap Printing Services and low-cost Flyer Printing, Flyer Distribution.

First Impressions will build or break a service, and a good expertise will manufacture lasting company relationships. creating a superb impression is very crucial once it involves meeting customers, pitching to attainable customers. It doesn't matter which sort of business business you're in, the terribly initial impression build| you create on a possible future client or service partner will make or break the provide.

Numerous business individuals believe that creating their company product feel and appearance professional might price them lots of cash, and it positively will. However, it doesn't have to be compelled to. We uses the foremost cost-efficient value for reasonable web site style and low-cost printing services to enliven your organization face.

There area unit some forms of promoting used by the leading companies these days, but among the easiest strategies to try to to it's on the online. We offers you with the mean rate for reasonable and low-cost, cheap printing services which will build your services and things stick move into your specific niche.

In Singapore, this modern age of website promoting and on-line stigmatization, having a responsive business web site and with quality prints for flyers, sales brochures, color leaflets, industrial card, tri-fold brochures, company letterheads, loyalty cards, or name cards is of utmost significance to grow a business success. We will assist you to achieve simply that with our flyer printing, flyer distribution.

Power Up Your Sales with Flyer Printing and Flyers Distribution Marketing Campaign.

Flyer Printing, Flyers Distribution

Get More Sales. Power Up Your Sales Figure. What should be consider before using flyer printing and flyers distribution for marketing campaign. Should the flyer design look attractive to work well or to offer steep discounts or cutoff coupons?

Direct marketing is very cost-effective methods and commonly used in Singapore by individual or business to mass audience for their products and services. It is by doing printing flyers, leaflet or brochures and have them distribute to potential consumer to create awareness. Some examples size of printing flyers, leaflets or brochures are as below: -

A4 Size ( +- 210mm x 297mm )

A5 Size ( +- 210mm x 148mm )

DL Size ( +- 99mm x 210mm )

A6 Size ( +- 148mm x 105mm )

Odd Size (Maybe like credit card format)

Design of Flyer is important too. Test different method of distribution and headline or theme on your design to check the effectiveness. Color, Size, Creative Design or offer of your products or services is a catching point too. Keep good track of it.

Once you have done with flyer printing, it is to decide the service method to distribute it out to ensure maximum response rate. You may consider below flyers distribution method: -

Letter Box Distribution to HDB or Landed

Door to Door Distribution (Mostly is HDB)

Sing Post Admail or Home Direct Service (Condo)

Car Windscreens Distribution

Street Distribution

Insertion into newspaper

 Above flyers distribution have its own advantages and disadvantages. Most important is to your comfortable on budget as it is not only one-time marketing campaign. Also engaged a reliable flyers distributor provider and not those fly by night individual who can cheat you with cheap flyer distribution rate to get your business and after that dump all your flyer or leaflet to nearest rubbish bin. A reliable distribution provider will charge you higher rate, update you on distribution status thru SMS reporting system for your checking. This is a method to ensure a higher response rate. Engaged those printing company in Singapore that provide distribution services as they are the one who really known those guy well although they earn some commission on it. Some of these flyers printing Singapore company also provide print and distribution package

 Many will keep google around for keyword to look for cheapest flyers printing, cheap flyer printing, flyer printing cheap, cheap flyer or flyers distribution. These are the important keyword if you are looking for Singapore Printing and Distribution Services.


Flyer Printing

Flyers Distribution

Cheap Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing

How to choose the best flyer distributor with Flyer Printing.

Flyer Distributor, Flyer Printing

As from the header of this blog, we will discuss how to choose one of the best flyer distributors in Singapore with Flyer Printing services.

Flyer Printing business and Flyer Distributor Job is very on demand in Singapore as many individual and business need it for their marketing campaign as the cost is low and effective. Many use this type of marketing to create awareness on their company products and services as the ROI is best tools. Flyers is popular terms to search when come to this service. But be carefully when come to flyer distributor as many of them will offer super low rate but just throw your flyer in rubbish bin. Engaged those veteran flyer distributor provider as they really know your needs. Best Flyer Distributor is hard to come by for flyer printing

Sourcing for the cheapest flyer printing is not hard as many Malaysia printing press deploy their broker to Singapore for marketing as such it is easier can get A5 1-sided full color for as low as $ 40 for 1,000 Pcs flyer printing. Paper material range from 70gsm wood free, 105gsm gloss art paper to 128gsm gloss art paper and postcard printing material such as 260gsm art card. But if you need express print, the only way is to use digital printing as it can be done within hours.

Engaged those Companies that can allow to check the samples or the portfolio of their past flyer printing job. Hire flyer distribution companies with reliable flyer distributor as they will have the professional experience in this industry and know the customer’s requirement well. 6999, your best choice for flyer printing in Singapore