Difference between Mirrorkote Sticker & Kiss Cut Sticker Printing.

Difference between Mirrorkote Sticker & Kiss Cut Sticker Printing.

Simple helpful Guide on what is Mirrorkote sticker & Kiss Cut Sticker for all your printing needs. You can either customize design or using our standard template for Sticker Printing Singapore.


One of the principle points about sticker manufacturing is the material used. It may be made by means of paper or vinyl. Both have different benefit and features since it’s going to rely upon what you need and your purpose.


Mirror film coated stickers or greater popularly called as Mirrorkote stickers in Singapore, it is a solid covered paper with a mirror-like gloss on its surface. It is completed with the aid of coating the base paper first with pleasant pigments and adhesive or binder after which dried up by means of touch drying the coated surface in a cylindrical casting drum plated with chrome.



• Again, the paper is solid lined, making it a high-gloss cloth with mirror-like appearance.
• High-gloss satisfactory printing is usually used by using groups to label their ingredients and other purchaser goods.
• Very eye-catching.
• Excellent printability.
• Cutting styles rely on the favoured sizes of the customer.
• Great for the ones that want single or 4 colorations labels that need a mirror-like gloss appearance.
• A notable and economical choice.
• Widely used in unique styles of industries.
• Can make it water resistant through opting for finishing with matt lamination or gloss lamination.

Printing organizations continue to innovate their approaches in printing stickers since the call for for this sort of carrier is high. One of the commonplace sticker printing demands nowadays are the Mirrorkote stickers crafted from art paper stickers. These art paper stickers additionally have gloss, matte and uncoated finish.

However, one of the main issues of stickers is its exposure to extreme climate settings. Factors include adjustments in temperature and moisture. If it’s now not laminated, scratches, writings and rubs can damage the sticky label’s best.

Custom Made

Stickers are normally custom made and designed according to your liking or requirements. This may be an exquisite manner to market, promote or promote it your agency in a cheaper manner.

You have the choice to pick the basic mirrorkote decal without any finishing like lamination. However, one manner to make it greater attention grabbing is to select a gloss or matt lamination as it provides a greater fine touch.

Custom die cuts or fashionable rectangular sizes are your options. You can create notable and creative advertising and marketing campaigns for your business.

It’s additionally notable for non-public use like growing it as a part of giveaways for special events along with birthdays, weddings, etc. A skilled snap shots designer allows you to deliver your idea to life.

Perfect for Your Marketing Campaign

It is a fact that sticker printing is an underutilized device while we speak approximately using it for marketing campaigns. A lot of groups think that it’s a cheap way and will devalue their brand. It may be an effective tool because it is:

• Cost-effective.
• Eye-catching.
• According to a advertising observe done, approximately 90% of discussions (word of mouth) begins with offline materials that humans just randomly see. It may be used as a verbal exchange starter.
• It encourages brand loyalty, specifically if it’s immediately given to the customers, and that they use the stickers on their refrigerators, laptops, etc.
• A manner to offer product facts, passing at the correct facts approximately your business offerings.

Stickers can be utilized as product labels, cope with label, window sticker or call badges. You’ll just must be creative on the way to use them.

We Offer Cheap Rates

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There are exclusive approaches to cut your designed and revealed stickers and one in all which is the kiss cut. There has been a mild confusion among a kiss reduce and die reduce, but we’re going to clean that up this time.

Kiss cut sticker printing technique, the published sticky label is created with kiss cut and it could be peeled off from the backing cloth. You’ll notice mild cuts inside the sticker’s border. The backing will now not be reduced, handiest the decal. It’s also called as “clean peel stickers.”


Below are the primary benefits of making use of the kiss reduce method in case you use it for your business:
• The border across the sticky label permits you handy write a unique message earlier than giving the decal to someone else.
• The decal is less complicated to tug out.
• The fringe of the sticky label is greater protected.
• It is less difficult for clients to use.

Die Cut and Kiss Cut Difference

There are most effective minor variations among these two methods. However, they nevertheless have one of a kind purposes, and that is why you need to be knowledgeable before making any decision.

Die Cut decal is thought to be the most popular. Each design of your sticky label is reduced round its edge thru each the backing and vinyl paper. The complete sticky label is cut and will become a custom shape which you designed. It may be any length or form which you need. Here, the decal’s backing aligns precisely with the size and shape of the sticky label itself.

With Kiss Cut sticky label, it has every other backing paper. It is normally trimmed via the vinyl around the design’s edge and then cut via all of the manner round the encompassing sheet’s edge. The sticky label itself has light surface cuts in which the backing cloth isn’t always reduce, and you may peel off the kiss reduce sticker from the sheet. This method allows you to peel off the sticky label easily. You will see a tiny amount of the backing that’s clearly framing the sticky label.

Both kiss cut and die reduce stickers still appearance the equal while they are applied on the floor.

What is Their Similarities?

Here are their similarities:
• Digitally printed on a white polypropylene, making the sticker durable.
• Custom shapes are available for each.
• Full-colour
• Both are completed with UV lamination for fading resistance and out of doors durability.

Should You Choose Kiss Cut Sticker?

Both die reduce and kiss cut are made from the identical fabric. However, the distinction in its cutting technique will have an impact on the application.

Kiss cut can be a wonderful choice for you, especially in case you need to reserve in massive quantities and hold all of the designs secure inside their backing papers.

It also can be notable for any marketing purposes for your business.

Do You Want More Info on Your Sticker?

Some human beings would need greater space on their stickers where they are able to placed their coupons, social tags, contact info and website. Doing so would want lower back printing. However, you could also do that along with your kiss reduce sticker,

Kiss cut stickers normally have a rectangular backing around its layout that’s larger than the sticky label which can also be revealed on. This is a amazing opportunity for back printing because:
• Better visibility on your greater info which may be positioned just proper next to the sticker itself.
• Back printing is limited to black and white while you can do full colour with kiss reduce and it’s no longer dependent on the sticky label’s form.
• Still for an extremely low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is Kiss Cut Cheap? – Yes
• How lengthy will I acquire my order? – it’ll depend upon the ordered range of stickers.
• Does printing organizations require a minimal order for sticky label printing? – some may want you to order at least 1,000 pieces but there are also other printing companies that accept minimal orders.

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